Thursday, December 3, 2015

We Love You- November 8, 2015

Dear Sophie

We received the phone call from President Quesenberry explaining that you are coming home.  We wished your mission would have worked out the way you planned but life is like that most of the time. We know you gave it your all! We know you tried everything you possibly could and we did too. We fasted and prayed almost every week, put your name on the prayer rolls of the temple and tried all the things our minds could think of to help you and prayed that if it was the Lords will that you could serve the full 18 months.  We put it in His hands and know there must be a reason for all that you've had to go through. Sometimes it doesn't seem fair that things don't work out like we want but the Lord has a plan for each of us.
You have served and honorable mission and given it all your heart, might, mind, and strength. He can't ask for more than that and neither can we. We are so very proud of you and how you stuck it out for almost 5 months with many trials. We know you have learned many good things and habits that will help you in your life and that your testimony has grown so much. We know that you touched many lives while you served your mission. We have all been blessed by your service to God and His children.

We love you so very much and look forward with great anticipation to your return and getting you feeling better. We hope you will never feel like you have failed because you couldn't serve the whole time. We know this will be hard for you to leave but this is the Lords will. I truly believe it. We can't worry about what others may think. You are being released because of a real illness just as if some one had cancer or a broken leg and we are anxious to get you feeling normal again. We have been so worried about you and it is a relief to know we can help you now at home.

The Lord knows your heart and is mindful of all your trials. He knew how much courage and faith you showed by being willing to serve. You had 2 baptisms in your short time and that's more than many who stay out the full time. You are being released with an honorable release and we are thrilled as your parents for your obedience and perseverance. We will be waiting with open arms of love for you. Kynlee said the other day, I miss my Aunt Sophie!!!! We all have! We hope that you can move forward and continue in life with all your hopes and dreams. The holidays are here and we will have you back with us all together again. Please give Sister Hoffman our love and all the others who have been so kind and helpful. 

All my love, Mommy 
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo I can't wait to give you a real hug!

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