Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Comin' Home

Well the one thing i know with a-surety is that heavenly father knows his children perfectly and he knows exactly what they need! :) This week i have had some pretty big decisions i have had to make and i know that heavenly father was right by my side through it all! as all of you probably all know i have been struggling everyday with depression and anxiety something i have never experienced until my mission! on friday i had an interview with President Henrie and he told me he has been praying for me each day and feels like i need to go home! when he said that i have never felt so much peace in my life! i know that this is what heavenly father needs me to do, so i will do it! I don't want to leave this place one bit but i have to trust that heavenly fathers plan for me is what will be best! This is probably the hardest thing i have ever done but i know i can do all things through christ and his atonement! President henrie told me that sometimes the missions heavenly father has planned for us are shorter than we've anticipated they can last 4 months or 6 months or 18 months! I know i gave it my best each and everyday and tried everything to stay out but sometimes thats just not what the lord has planned for us! This mission has changed my life completely and i am so so grateful for the things i have been able to experience and go through! I am truly a changed person because of it! :) These people have changed my lives and i will never forget them! I love the gospel of jesus christ so so much and i know it is absolutely true without a doubt! that is something i have learned on my mission is that this church is truly the church christ has set up on the earth! Heavenly Father is in our everyday lives and loves us so so so much! love you all so much! and I'm excited/ really nervous and scared for this new journey ahead of me! 

a really cool miracle that happened this week was that me and sister hoffman had 10 extra minutes so we wanted to make the most of them and so we prayed and asked heavenly father that we wanted to find someone we could teach and so we felt inspired to knock on this certain house and they welcomed us in and we taught the restoration! this man had a broken leg and so he has plenty of time to read the Book of Mormon! We said a prayer after and he said he felt so good and happy inside! we get to teach him on tuesday so i am real excited!!! :) Heavenly Father answers prayers!!! 

Well again i am so grateful for this time i was able to be a missionary and to experience many different things that have shaped my life and helped me become a better person! "I have fought a good fight i have finished my course, i have kept the faith." i did my absolute best and I'm so grateful for all your prayers! i love you all so so much! :)

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