Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thank you- November 9, 2014

Thank you for this letter! I truly feel like coming home is what I need to do to. When I had my interview with President Henrie I just explained how I felt and he just randomly said Sister Swenson I think you need to go home and in that moment a feeling of overwhelming peace came over me that I have never felt before all day I felt so great and I have not felt that great until the day before I came out on my mission! I truly believe that I have other things to do at home and it will be really hard for me to leave I have been crying non stop for a day! I love these people so much and I love the missionaries so so much! I really don't want to leave I wish I could just stick it out but I guess I should probably follow the counsel President Henrie gave me haha :) I'm so excited to see you and be able to be home for the holidays oh yeah and to feel like a NORMAL person again! I'm proud of myself for the things I have done here and for all the amazing experiences I have had that have shaped my life and made me into a better person! President Henrie told me that sometimes missions are 4 months, 6 months or 18 months but the lord is proud of you valiant work and he knows that you learned what you needed to! And he said that I am always welcome to come back when I feel better :) haha so ill have that as a goal but who knows what way life will take me :) I'm excited to see you again and I think ill be home Wednesday! I love you so so much and thank you for being so supportive! I was really scared but this just confirmed to me that I am making the right choice! I love you so much and I'm so excited to see Baby James and Kynlee Mae!! :) And oh I will I will, sister Hoffman is a true angel that was sent from heaven to help me over these last 4 months!!! We will be friends forever!!! She is truly the greatest person ever!!! :) I love you and ill see you Wednesday! I think President Henries will be calling you soon! I think I might be calling you as well, will see anyways have a wonderful day love you!!

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