Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 2 of the MTC!

Wow the MTC is so awesome but such a roller coaster of emotions! seriously one moment youre on cloud 9 and the next moment you just wanna give up! its draining haha! well this week we started teaching real people! and holy cow does the spirit just take over! the most random things just pop into your head from years ago and you know you need to say it because its the spirit telling you to do so. :) we are teaching someone named nicole,barbra and chad! they are awesome and i love them all sooooo much! they have come such a long way just in the last week we've been teaching them! they all committed to go to church this week so hopefully they do! :) It was really cool,one day i was about to leave my room to go to class and i just had a feeling that i needed to take my tithing and fast offerings pamphlet and i was like thats weird why would i need that!? but i took it anyways and during one of the lessons i taught thats exactly what the investigator needed to hear so i was able to tell them about it :) Listen to the spirit everyone,even if it seems weird! 

so my favorite part of the MTC has to be just watching and listening to all the elders be so concerned about their investigators! its seriously so cool to see them change into these amazing boys that just love these random people! when 2 weeks ago they would have just been talking about girls and video games hahah 

this week i was able to see Jake Mckee!!! it was seriously the best thing ever and i really needed it at that exact moment! Heavenly Father is soo aware of our needs its so crazy! 

This week was really hard for me not gonna lie! Ive never felt sicker in my life but i was able to receive a blessing from my district leader and it was probably one of the best blessings i have ever received! And ever since i received that blessing i have felt pretty good and i havent felt homesick at all! The lord truly answers our prayers and it makes me soo happy! I love my Heavenly Father sooo much!!!  Thanks for all your prayers i can feel them helping me soooo much and i am so grateful for them:) 

I wish everyone could have the opportunity to serve a mission! I have never grown so much in my life! And i cant wait to share the gospel with the people in California here in a day and a half! The devotionals here are way cool! i learn so much from them! the other night we had one all about the first vision and how we need to always tell it like its someones first time hearing it because it usually is! but the thing that stuck out to me the most was when he said if youre having troubles knowing if joseph smith saw god just ask god he was there! and that just hit me so hard! what better person to ask than god that was there and he will let you know :)

Im so excited to leave for California! the MTC reminds me kind of like a spiritual prison and sometimes i forget that im really living on the earth because we are trapped in a class all day and never get to go outside!

well i love you all so much! cant wait to talk to you mom on monday! make sure youre awake early because ill probably be calling around 5 or 6! :) Love you and thanks for all your packages and emails everyone!!!!


Sister Swenson!

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