Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!

Well i just have to start out by telling you all that Disneyland is not the happiest place on earth, the MTC is! After you guys dropped me off and i put my name tag on i have never felt so much happiness in my life! everyone is so happy here and always says hi to you! I love it here so much but yet i cant wait to leave for California next week! 

It still hasnt really hit me that im a missionary! haha sometimes i just feel like im at EFY wearing a legit name tag! haha but Im starting to realize that i really am a missionary so thats good! we started teaching the second day and it was awesome! Im soo excited to be doing this for the next year and a half! 

Its crazy how much the lord really does bless his missionaries! sometimes i get really sad and start to miss home but then i just say a prayer and he blesses me with peace and comfort! Its so awesome!! :) Also i can tell he is blessing me because i actually have no problem at all to get up in the morning which is a miracle in-itself haha! I cant believe how much i have learned already! we are in class almost all day just learning and it is awesome! I love it!! well i have an amazing district! My companion is great! she has been struggling the last couple days because she is homesick so its been kind of hard on me because it makes me think of home, but I'm trying to stay strong and help her know that she can do hard things! I love the other two sisters in my district they are awesome!! there names are sister keck which is from gilbert arizona and knows the wallentines :) and then the other is sister traux! shes from salem actually but i have never met her before! but we all are getting along which is such a blessing! The Elders are so much fun as well they always have me laughing! there is Elder Orton who is from idaho, Elder Hales is from idaho as well and then there is Elder De Mile - utah, Elder Thomas - Ohio, Elder pierce - idaho, and Elder Boyle from California.

Thank you all so much for all your prayers i can definitely feel them helping me at each moment! :) 

on Thursday i saw Alyssa and we just hugged and hugged and cried and cried haha it was so awesome! Its so much fun seeing her around, it just makes me feel right at home :) ive also seen Kylee Davis and a couple other girls that i went to high school with so thats been fun as well :)

so my teachers are awesome! They have taught me sooo much! one is name Brother Gleason! and the other is sister Bishop! Sister Bishop actually served in San Fernando California so its been so fun to get to know a little more about the mission :)

Well i am so excited for tonight! we get to watch the fire works so that will be awesome! also sad news is that the provo temple will be closed for cleaning the whole time i am here so thats a bummer :( 

well i am loving every minute of being on a mission! i got the flight information yesterday and we are leaving monday morning at 3:45am kill me.... and our flight doesnt leave tell like 8:45 or something so that will be fun... 

well i love you all sooooo much! thanks again for all the emails and letters and packages! you guys are all awesome and i am so blessed to have all the friends and family i do! Talk to you soon!

Sister Swenson xoxox

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