Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Well this week i learned a lot and saw a lot of miracles happen!! :) 

This week in my studies i have learned so much about trusting in the lord and having peace through trials we face! i love the hymn where can i turn for peace! It has become one of my favorites on my mission! "Who, Who can understand? he only one! he answers privately, reaches my reaching. in my gethsemane, savior and friend. gentle the peace he finds for my beseeching. constant he is and kind, love without end." Our savior Jesus Christ is the one who truly understands us! He is with us each and everyday! he really does reach our reaching! I think the reason i really needed to come on a mission was so that i could learn to really gain more trust in my heavenly father and savior! i have had to rely on them each and everyday to face my fears and to find comfort as i am away from home :) I know that as we do our part and do everything that we can to be the best and be obedient that our savior will take care of the rest and help us! 

I also love the hymn "does the Journey seem long?" i love the line "There is one who still beckons to you, look up and grab hold of his hand." The Gospel is truly so simple. All we have to do is turn to our savior and be obedient, and we will be blessed! yeah there will be trials that come along our way but thats just apart of life. the Gospel can give you comfort through those times! 
I was reading a really good talk by Dallan R. Moody, called "What happens when life gets 1 degree colder" i encourage you all to read it! it is so awesome!!! :)

Well anyways this week was really awesome!!! 

IT RAINED!!! funny story! so the night before it rained i prayed for rain, and i woke up and there were no clouds to be found in the sky and it made me a little sad but i didn't loose hope. so i packed my rain coat and umbrella just to show my faith that it would rain haha and sister hoffman was like uhh sister swenson why are you bringing your rain coat and i was like its going to rain! and she was like uhh okay whatever you say :) and then the clouds started to roll in and IT RAINED!!! Heavenly Father answers prayers everyone!!! :) it was a miracle!!! 

on Friday during knock out we found so many potential investigators, it was awesome!! :) I'm so excited to start teaching them! :) They all seem really interested and have a desire to learn more! so hopefully it all goes well!

On saturday sister hoffman had the feeling we should go over to our neighbors house and ask her if we could help her clean her house! so we did! our neighbor has been going through a lot her husband has been gone for a while visiting family in mexico and we could just tell she had been really stressed lately, with trying to take care of her daughter and go to work, so we went over and asked her if we could help her clean! she said we could and she had piles and piles of dishes and poop from there cats all over, it was really gross but it felt good to help someone out and to get to know our neighbor better :) she was telling us that she had been praying before we came for help to make it through the day! its so cool to be an answer to someones prayer! God is so aware of our lives and wants to help us, so he sends people to help ease our burdens! She was so sweet, after we got done cleaning she took us out to lunch! people are so kind out here and really follow christ example even if they aren't members of our church! :) 

Sunday was so amazing! we were able to attend the YSA devotional where elder whitney clayton talked! his talk was so inspiring! it made me so excited for conference!!! :)

Well i hope you all have a fabulous week! i love you all so much! thanks for all your prayers and support! talk to you next week! :)

Sister Swenson

Jamie, a recent convert in our area. She's so great!

P-Day Fun

RAIN!!! Miracles do happen! 

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