Wednesday, September 2, 2015

1st Baptism!!!

Well if you're into adventure, go on a mission.. each and everyday is a new adventure haha thats all i can say about this week. it was one big adventure! :) 
On tuesday we said goodbye to all the missionaries that went home! it was heart breaking haha i didnt like it! its crazy how just in 6 weeks people can become such a huge part of your life! :) 

Wednesday was quite a day! Jeff called us at 3:00 and asked if he could get baptized that night at 8:00, me and sister hoffman looked at each other in panic and were like i guess so haha we both have never done a baptism before and we planned it in 3 hours! it was so crazy! we called the whole ward and invited them so he could have a ton of support and then we got our talks ready and went and filled up the font! talk about one crazy day! then we had jeffs baptism! its was the most beautiful thing i have seen! right before his baptism his girl friend came to the church and since she thinks mormons are evil she was at jeffs feet begging him to not get baptized and he just sat there so calmly and said emily, Im going to get baptized because i know its the true church and she flipped! she through flowers at him and soy sauce (because he is ocd about sticky things and he hates when soy sauce gets on his hands) and it got all over him... but he didn't even flinch! he just got up walked calmly to the bathroom and changed his white clothing and sat back down :) me and sister hoffman were just praying the whole time that he would be strong and he did it! he truly gave up the thing that meant the most to him and he passed the test! :) during his baptism emily was screaming and freaking out outside so someone had to guard the door! it was so sad! i just feel so bad for her because this gospel could truly bring so much happiness to her! it was so cool though, jeffs whole family was there supporting him! the spirit was so strong! it was truly amazing seeing someone make covenants with heavenly father! :) Jeff gave the most beautiful testimony, He is really OCD about things and one of them is about getting water in his ear and while he was being baptized he got water in his ear and he was like through my savior jesus christ i can overcome these challenges i face and he will give me strength to do so! :) after the baptism jeffs parents and sister in law came up and talked to us and was like the spirit here is truly amazing can we come and learn more and go to church! It was so cool they were all there on sunday and his mom and his sister stayed the whole 3 hours and loved it!! i hope they can be baptized one day :) That night while me and sister Hoffman were asleep i woke up to this beeping noise at 2:00 in the morning, so i was like what the heck is that noise and looked around and it was the carbon monoxide machine going off so we hurry and got out of our apartment and stayed at the sisters it was so crazy! then the next night it happened again! so we've just been living at the sisters house for this last week! haha me and sister hoffman have the greatest luck with our apartment... NOT ;) but its okay we just laugh about it! :) 

Thursday we went to lunch with jeff and his mom! it was so fun to get to know her better! she is so great i love their family so much! i can't wait until you meet them one day mom and dad!! :) I have truly come to love these people out here so much! i don't know what I'm going to do when i have to leave :( I'm going to miss them so much! The ward is truly amazing and they have become my family out here :) 

Funny story so we were at jeffs house having dinner and doing a jewish worship thing with him and his family and we were saying goodbye to them and his dad just gives me and sister hoffman both these huge hugs and we just looked at each other in panic haha it was so awkward, we didn't know what to do! 

On monday we were priviliaged to be apart of a mission conference and Elder Hamula and his wife taught us! it was so great! i learned so much and this mission is truly white and ready to harvest! we will be focusing more on part member families and less actives which I'm super excited about :) this work is so great! 

Sorry that this letter was all over the place but it was such a crazy week! i love you all and hope you're doing well! thanks for your support and letters! i love them!! :) i can't believe i have been out for two months now! time is going by way too fast! :) 
Sister Swenson 

Jeff dressed in white ready to be baptized!

Jeff and a member of the ward

Sassafras road, named after Sister Sassy Sophie!!! :)

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