Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wasn't Conference AMAZING??? oh man i left so uplifted and wanting to become the person my Heavenly Father created me to be! :) I have a lot to work on thats for sure! I seriously loved every single talk! Elder Oaks, Lawerence, Nelson, and Durrant were probably my favorite! I can't wait to read them again, and really start to ponder and apply the things they said into my daily life! :) 
I hope you all enjoyed conference as well! The scripture i am going to ponder this week is Matthew 21:22 so stay tune for next week to see what i learn ;) 

Well this week was pretty good! The weather is starting to cool down thank the heavens! it got down into the 60's this weekend and rained :) it started to actually feel like fall! 
On Tuesday we had a huge mission service project which was so much fun! We went and put together 2000 care packages for the military :) on Wednesday we got to go back and teach the Chinese family we found last week! it was so cool, we had another missionary in the mission who speaks chinese translate for us and it was such a cool experience to be a part of! They seem pretty interested and we should be going back this week, to teach them more :) On wednesday during knock out, we met a basher who just wanted to tell us everything we were saying was a lie and that we don't believe in jesus and our jesus is fake... but i actually have really come to like meeting bashers because i get the chance to truly testify of what i know to be true and get to just kill them with kindness :) Then on Friday we had another lesson with Kenny! We taught him the plan of salvation! He is definitely progressing and its so awesome to see him grow in the gospel and learn these truths for himself! :) He was able to come to conference and he loved it and told us that he received a lot of answers! Saturday we got our transfer calls and i am staying in YSA with Sister Hoffman!!!!! I AM THE HAPPIEST PERSON EVER!!! hahah i love her so much!! we have become the best of friends!!! and our district pretty much all stayed the same too! we have become a family out here, i love them all so much!! :) this transfer is going to be awesome! I'm really excited for the experiences we will have! The other day at knock out there was this salesman just coming out of a house and we were talking to him and he was like wow you two are just so happy people should really listen to you! :) i love the little tender mercies our heavenly father gives us to help us keep pushing on! 
Well this week i was reading a talk called "Wilt thou be made whole? by elder timothy j. Dyches. I loved in his talk how he talks about "As we repent and become converted to the lord, we become whole, and our guilt is swept away. how is it done? because of thy faith in christ." he goes on to say "Be assured the savior still seeks to mend our souls and heal our hearts. he waits at the door and knocks!" His Grace is truly sufficient and you will not walk alone if you have the Savior Jesus Christ in your life!  
We are truly so blessed to have this gospel in our lives, everyday i become more and more grateful for it! i am so happy that i don't have to feel lost in this crazy world we live in, but that i can know where i am going, why i am on this earth and where i will go after! I am grateful that i know that death really isn't the end, but its just the beginning of a life of everlasting happiness ahead! I am so grateful for trials and how they can mend us and shape us into the people our heavenly father wants us to be! :)
Have a great week! I love you all so much! :)
Sister Swenson

Best of friends.

We like to put doggie poop bags on our heads!

Mother and Daughter are staying together! 

Squirrels are weird here... They do this all the time! haha. Cracks me up!

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