Monday, August 10, 2015

Hello Everyone!! I hope you all had a great week!!! :)

Well this week was pretty good for the most part! it hasn't been too hot this week which has been nice! its been only 100! im starting to feel when it gets into the 90 that its cold, im going to turn into a jojo haha ;) just kidding but really! the other day I had on a cardigan because I was cold in 90 degrees! Also Im getting some pretty nasty tan lines! haha
oh man one thing that is really weird about California at least the part that im at is that there are so many dang ice cream trucks and they are soo creepy everytime I hear them down the street it just makes me cringe haha
On tuesday during knock out we found a very cool guy named Christopher! He is 18 and was super interested in the message that we shared! we will be meeting with him on Friday! :) He is really into religion and loves God!
Then later that day we met with a girl named Brittany and she has gone through so much in her life! she is so amazing and her story in how she found goes is so incredible! I love these people so much! :)
on Wednesday me and Sister Hoffman made brownies for a bunch of less actives in the ward and took them around it was really fun! I love doing service! we also do a service activity every Wednesday and Friday! we go to a place called heart park and help feed animals and rack up leaves and stuff!
Sad story so we had to drop our investigator Omar because he wasn't progressing and wasn't keeping any of our commitments :( so keep him in your prayers! Hes such a good guy and I know that one day he will be baptized, its just not his time right now!
On Thursday during knock out we met the two most amazing girls ever! I love them so much! Their names are Kayla and Jordan, and they actually served missions for their Christian church so we talked to them for an hour about what they believed in and we told them our beliefs and they asked us if they could have a book of Mormon, it was soo cool! people out here are so kind and friendly! I love these people soo much!! That night me and sister Hoffman went and visited Alexis and had a really good lesson with him :) He has been reading the book of Mormon a lot more and he said he can feel him starting to become happier each and everyday! he said that he would come to church thiscoming sunday so pray for him! its so cool seeing all these people really being prepared by the lord, we just need to go find them :) later that night we had nothing planned to do so we were praying to know who we should go see and the thought came to me that we needed to go see this girl named Bailey, so we did and when we knocked on her door she was so happy to see us. She was having a really bad day that day and said she was praying for peace and comfort and then we showed up! :) its so cool being able to be answers to peoples prayers! im so grateful for the spirit and how if we listen carefully to it we can be lead and guided to those people we need to meet and see! :)
Friday we had a zone training for most of the day which was fun! I loveee my zone so much they are all so great!! :) that night for knock out we met 3 new investigators! We have been finding so many people through knock out and its soo great! I'm so grateful for a president who received revelation to have us missionaries do knock from 4-6 so that we can truly find all these people the lord has prepared for us :)
Saturday me and sister Hoffman made a cute poster to help our ward get more involved in missionary work! I hope it helps them! member work is sooo important! we need to find our friends that don't have the gospel and invite them to activities and church! for dinner on Saturday we went to the bishops and had a BBQ! Our bishop is so great! I love him so much!! later that night we went and visited a less active named Samantha! she is soo great! I can truly feel the love that our savior has for her! she has been struggling with many different things in her life that have made her fall away from the church but she still knows the gospel is true so that's good :) we just need to get her back to church :) We had the opportunity to go to a baptism of one of the others sisters in our district! I LOVE BAPTISMS they are soo happy!! :)
This week I studied a lot about prayer and how powerful prayer can be in our lives! its so amazing and I love it! I encourage all of you to make your prayers more meaningful! its cool to think that without prayer there is no possible way to return to our father in heaven, without prayer there would be no atonement, without prayer this church wouldn't be on the earth today!
Thanks for all your prayers! I am so grateful for all of you and the examples you are in my life! I love you all so much! and I hope you have a great week! talk to you soon!! xoxox
Sister Sassy Swenson 😅

Our poster for the Ward Members

We like to have Camera Wars every night!

Just a view of the San Fernando Valley

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